Starrydata (Starrydata2) is an open web system to help material researchers to collect and share digital data from plot images in published papers.It includes not only the top data, but many other data from reference samples with not good properties.

Every datum is a star. Not only bright stars, but also the dwarf stars are important. We want a database that contains many data like a starry sky: because it is more beautiful, and it tells many things about the universe of the research field.

Most of the past scientific data are not accessible, because they are buried in plot images. We recover the data by plot digitization. We hope that in future, every data in published papers become accessible in digital form. Semi-automatic data collection supervised by researchers.

Data digitization cannot be done automatically. We need the knowledge of the specialists who understand why authors wrote in that way.Therefore, we let researchers collect data by themselves.By sharing each researcher’s effort, we can make a large database.

To make Starrydata as a part of researcher’s life, we designed this system like a reference manager, in which they can make their own lists of favorite papers.Users can get all the digitized data, associated with the papers in the list.The number of data increases when they find data of their interest is missing.They can fill the data by themselves, and share it with the other researchers.

Starrydata helps researchers to visualize the data.Line plots, heat maps, single and multiple scatter plots can be drawn, and mouse-hovering shows the information about each data point.

Starrydata is a free database for academic purpose. This is because our electronic journals do not allow commercial use of the papers. Being non-commercial, we can get supports from various research funds.


 We support the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.
 If you use the Starrydata as a resource in your research, please cite the following paper.
Y. Katsura, M. Kumagai, T. Kodani, M. Kaneshige, Y. Ando, S. Gunji, Y. Imai, H. Ouchi, K. Tobita, K. Kimura, K. Tsuda, Data-driven analysis of electron relaxation times in PbTe-type thermoelectric materials, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 20 (2019) 511-520.